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No but remember in Horns of Nimon when Romana was pretty much the Doctor and saved the day and made her own sonic screwdriver and all the Doctor did was pretty much take K9 for a walk.



Anonymous asked:

nuvians are all interested just in how sexy the now Doctors are. They couldn't possibly get the show as it was. They can't think deeply.

intimeofperil answered:

Ah, yes, because no one ever goes on and on about the sexy factor of any Classic Doctors (they do, by the way).  And Classic Who was ALWAYS, ALWAYS, so deep.  It was never silly, or odd, or had whole seasons that are still referred to as “panto.”


Yea, there were episodes of classic that were goofy, even bad. But whole seasons referred to as “panto”? Only by people who don’t love those seasons. I personally think Classic who is much deeper and philosophical than New:

  • Look at the all the ideas from buddhism that Letts brought into the Third Doctor’s era.
  • Look at Kinda and Snakedance and the concepts of self in those stories.
  • Look at The Daleks FFS and its examination of pacifism.
  • Look at The Web Planet and The Green Death and their treatment of pollution.
  • Look at Vengeance on Varos and its examination of mass media and violence on television.
  • Look at the Mind Robber and the idea of meta-fiction.
  • Look at Happiness Patrol and its valuing of negative emotions.
  • Look at Genesis of the Daleks and its look at fascism.
  • Look at the Sunmakers and its satirizaion of British Taxes.
  • Look at The Ark and its examination of the repercussions of time travel and enslavement.

If I had more time, I’d put more here, but this is a good start. New Who IMHO just doesn’t have the depth as Classic.